Pirch Costa Mesa Designer Event with Fu-Tung Cheng

Zephyr was invited to host a designer event last week at the Pirch Costa Mesa location with its Cheng Collection designer, Fu-Tung Cheng. More than 65 designers, architects, and industry professionals gathered to hear Cheng speak about his partnership with Zephyr, House 7 Los Altos Hills Project, and his overall design philosophy. The first 30 attendees also received a signed book by Cheng, “Concrete at Home.”

Pirch is a high-end home store and Zephyr dealer that strives to make the experience of shopping “inspirational and joyful.” The retailer builds stunning, expansive showrooms, baristas greet customers by offering them a custom latte, and shoppers can try out all of the products, including an aromatherapy shower and a heated toilet. Pirch is a pioneer in making its stores a destination when shoppers are increasingly going online.

Below are some photos from the successful event!



Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 11.55.09 AM

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Zephyr’s New Lux Island Range Hood Mounts In-Ceiling For An Unobtrusive View Of The Kitchen


Zephyr Ventilation, the industry leader in ventilation hood design, innovation and technology, unveiled the newest product to its Arc Collection: Lux Island. Ideal for homeowners that want an unobtrusive view of the kitchen, Lux features an integrated design that discreetly mounts into the ceiling above the island cooktop.

Lux attracts a new market segment that gravitates toward an open kitchen layout and homeowners that entertain often around built-in islands yet do not want a traditional “island” hood. The “out of sight, out of mind” Lux won’t block sightlines in the kitchen, nor does it compromise on power or performance.

Lux is equipped with Perimeter Aspiration, a technique that moves airflow away from the central area of the hood and evenly distributes it through narrow openings around the perimeter of the hood. This ventilation method increases air velocity and improves the capture of cooking contaminates. Perimeter Aspiration ensures the hood will keep the kitchen free of smoke and debris and can handle the most powerful cooking jobs over European- or professional-style ranges.

Lux features three strips of industry-first, tri-level LED lights that create a clean, warm white glow that is evenly distributed on the cooktop. Additional features include: Multiple blower options (Internal CFM: 290, 600, 1100, and External/Inline CFM: 1,000), capacitive touch wireless remote control that lets you control all functions on the hood with one remote, and a recirculating option. Available in 43-inches. MSRP: $2,099.

“We’re very excited to expand our product offering and create a solution for kitchens with open floor plans,” says Luke Siow, Zephyr President. “While some homeowners may appreciate a range hood that makes a bold design statement in the kitchen, there is the other side that prefers a minimal, modern design with a hood that is more discreet, yet still provides the same power and air capture. With Lux, we now have a solution for all range hood applications.”

Zephyr’s Arc Collection is designed in collaboration with Robert Brunner (former Apple Computer designer and designer of the Barnes & Noble Nook, Beats by Dre Headphones, etc.), and is as much about clean air as it is about clean lines. Brunner taps inspiration from simple, geometric forms and classic materials to bring a new sophistication to the kitchen.

For more information, visit: http://zephyronline.com/products/arc/lux_island

Lux_2 Lux_3

2015 Architectural Digest Home Design Show

We’re back from a great trip to New York for the 2015 Architectural Digest Home Design Show. In addition to exhibiting and launching three new products at the show, we also held a Press Event and participated in The New York Times Kitchen Renovation Panel with our design partner, Fu-Tung Cheng. We’ve recapped some of our favorite finds from the show and wanted to share

Booth Pics








Trend Spotting: Bold color, sustainable products, gorgeous lighting fixtures, texture, and innovative spins on mundane household furniture.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 2.45.30 PM




Trend Spotting: Manufacturers foray into new categories. Blue Star ventured into the refrigeration category, Alfresco launched an indoor line of ranges, and Hades introduced an all-in-one outdoor barbecue.


Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 2.45.54 PM


We also attended the DIFFA Event, which showcased striking tablescape designs by renowned designers and artists.




The New York Times Kitchen Renovation Panel

Topic: Updating a kitchen or bath with new surfaces, new fixtures and appliances, and fresh colorations can add functionality, aesthetic and market appeal, plus a sense of renewal that is reflected throughout an entire home. Elaine Louie, New York Times contributing writer, hosts an exciting discussion with Tim Schroeder of Duravit and interior designers Kati Curtis and Fu-Tung Cheng, who will showcase stunning examples of how they have pulled off numerous kitchen and bath renovations on both optimum and minimal budgets.

Fu-Tung Cheng was the highlight of the panel and gave the packed audience an overview of his work with concrete, 10-year partnership with Zephyr, and custom homes.



Design & Construction Week 2015 Recap

We were back in Vegas for the 2015 Design & Construction Week, which combined the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show and International Builder Show. It was a huge show with more than 3,750 exhibitors, 125,000 attendees and a lot of exciting new trends on the horizon for 2015.

One design statement that we LOVE is mixed metallics throughout the kitchen and bath. Long gone are the days where kitchens are all stainless steel and monochromatic. Consumers are gravitating toward mixed metals such as rose gold, copper, black and gold. This adds character to the kitchen and gives homeowners more opportunity to express their personal style. Check out some of these shiny new products: Canyon Creek Cabinets backsplash made out of pennies (such a cool, timeless design!),  Kohler’s gold toilet flush (love this little gold accent), Gold Elba basin by Bagno Design, a sparkly gold range hood by Prizer Hoods, and hardware by Aquabrass in every mixed metallic imaginable. 



Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 11.42.33 AM

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 4.14.37 PM


After CES, we definitely had technology on the brain so it was great to see how kitchen and bath manufacturers are incorporating technology into their product design. This mirror by RYVR features a TV screen so you can get ready for your day while simultaneously watching the news. Toto developed a self-cleaning washlet with its new Actilight technology that self-sprays to clean bacteria and features a UV light that is activated once the lid is shut that triggers the decomposition process of waste particles. And LG launched a TechTop wireless charging surface that lets you easily charge your phone by placing it on top of the surface; no outlet necessary.



Luxury through detail was another big trend we noticed at the show. From gorgeous tile displays to intricate hardware, manufacturers were definitely paying close attention to the little details that make good design so important. We loved this Kallista by Kohler display… Our dream bath!


Space-saving appliances are gaining popularity as consumers move to urban areas or scale down a bit for their second homes. Millennials are also buying their first homes and are looking for energy efficient, compact appliances with advanced technology features. Bosch launched a 24″ oven and 18″ dishwasher, the Halo Soaking Tub is the perfect size for the mini-luxurious bathroom and the GE Boxie washer and dryer combo is stylish yet functional for small spaces.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 4.19.32 PM



Did you attend the show this year? What trends caught your eye?

CES 2015 Recap

Another Consumer Electronics Show has come and gone so we thought we’d round-up a few trends, innovative (and silly – a selfie brush?!) products and highlights from the show. Did you attend? What were your favorites?

Connected Kitchen

Whirlpool: The connected kitchen continues to be a top trend in the industry and we were impressed by the interactive backsplash that Whirlpool had on display. It acts as an unobtrusive “command center” that displays recipes and posts real time social media feeds as well as weather and news updates. It can also connect to other appliances to indicate when the laundry is done drying. Pretty cool!



Long gone are the standard white appliances and the trend in pattern and color is making its way to your washing machine! Whirlpool also showcased magnetic interchangeable fronts for the washer and dryer that lets consumers match their laundry room decor and color palette.



4K HD Resolution

There was a big jump in resolution this year with Sony, LG and Samsung all showcasing the latest in 4K Ultra High Definition resolution. And with regard to TV’s, thinner and sleeker the better.




Nortek Security and Control Showcased Broan QT showcased its bathroom fan with built-in speaker for music streaming. So you can literally take your music everywhere you go!


We’ve seen 3D printers make a huge splash this past year, but the quality displayed at CES this year was amazing. These printers can make clothes, shoes, and eyewear!


Selfie Brush. Enough said.


You know those times when you need to wash a few items but don’t want to put on an entire load? LG introduced its Washing Machine in a Washing Machine. For only half full loads. Brilliant. Convenient. And energy-efficient.



LG Stainless Steel refrigeration with black coating for avoiding those pesky fingerprints.


Samsung Chef Collection, featuring Tri-Level refrigeration.




Wearable Tech includes watches, bracelets, arm bands etc. and features tracking info related to health and fitness. Other wearable tech gadgets include devices that have small motion sensors to take photos and sync with your mobile device.







Green products and technology were a huge hit. Check out this cell phone case made from completely recycled materials!

IMG_0217 IMG_0218     IMG_0249


And a few other booths we had to check out…



Fuel Cell: The electric car of the future.